Our New Blog’s Mission: To Empower You to LOVE Your Life!

Welcome DOLLs! This is our VERY FIRST POST ever! EEEKKK!!!! We will be rapidly expanding our topics and posts but for now we invite you to check out the site and get to know us.

All of our posts will be structured in such a way to break down the Do it. Own it. Live it. LOVE it principles. We will start with the inspiration for the change or project. Then work through the 4 steps that make us DOLLs!


Sarai and I got together for a wine and catch up night that was WAY over due! Once my kids were in bed and my husband was asleep on the couch, she and I finally had time to catch up. In talking about different things going on in our lives we discovered that we were both longing for major change and an outlet to express ourselves, help other women (Heck! help ourselves) feel empowered to make some serious changes in our lives. We needed something to pour our passion into so we began to brainstorm.

About five seconds in, we both, almost instantaneously, let it peep out that we secretly have always wanted to start a blog. It was almost like we were embarrassed to say this dream out loud but the shocked expressions and unison “No Way, You too?!?” , and giggling that followed meant that we couldn’t keep our secret desire a secret anymore.

We agreed to start reading the book, Girl, Wash Your Face, together. We’d meet in a week to discuss the first couple chapters. Two days into the audio book, Rachel Hollis changed everything about my readiness to make a change. Two days into the audio book, after having listened to the first 10 chapters three times each, I could wait no longer! Seriously Dolls, this book is a game changer!

I thought “Sarai and I have way more experience with life and getting through the hard stuff than these teenyboppers who are creating content about makeup application and the how-to videos for DIY ombre hair color. (Totally separate note, as a licensed cosmetologist for over 15 years, these make me cringe!) What makes them qualified to teach these things when they have been doing them for like five minutes? What makes them different than us?

They are fearless in this medium.

We were able to talk and give advice about all kinds of stuff in person but the thought of putting it on the internet paralyzed us. While we hardly hold any professional licenses that would qualify us to lead others in this crazy thing called life, we feel that if we can at least address some of life’s ongoing unspoken issues and findings, at the very least we can help women execute the the Serenity Prayer like a pro!

So, we took a deep breath, plugged our noses and jumped into together; letting the fear give way to exhilaration the way it does when you are at the top of Goliath right before you drop into the never-ending stomach dropping plunge to which you are sure ends in sudden death. Just like that roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, when the drop is over, you realize that you were safe all along and the fear was unnecessary. It holds us back. No More! Time to DO!

Do it.

I messaged Sarai late at night while on a business trip and let her know that I would not allow us to NOT do this! I purchased the domain and stayed up all night learning how to make this website. It’s hard work but I had to strike while the iron was hot and my motivation to take action has never been higher in my life! (Plus, this was a rare occasion when I was alone and my family was hundreds of miles away.)

This morning, with the site only half done, I published the first page. There is still so much left to do but getting something out into the world makes this real! It makes it so that there is no backing down now and we have something tangible too hold ourselves accountable to.

Own it.

Like many changes in our lives, the Do it portion of change will never go away. But done right, when you really own it and hold yourself accountable to doing it, it will become an integral part of our lives. We are committed to this and cannot fail!

Because this passion project is so new to us, we haven’t worked out all the details yet but no doubt the next several weeks will be filled with us creating the outline, learning about how to run a blog, and establishing the cadence for posts. Thanks for bearing with us; there is so much to cover! We will definitely create a plan to keep it coming. With the holidays approaching, there will be no shortage of content and we will keep you DOLLs “posted” (You see what I did there? LOL!) on all the good stuff coming up!

I sit here with my heart beating out of my chest as I am about to publish this, my very first post. The thrill and pressure of posting something that sets everything into motion is MAJOR! We are DOing this!

Live it.

Living it takes time. Time to execute and figure everything out. It means that as we learn and gain experience in this world that we need to make some tweaks. We will for sure check back in on this in a month or so and let you know how it is going!

LOVE it!

It is probably the high we are on from starting a new endeavor but how could we not LOVE what we are doing? The biggest part of this and the whole reason for creating a change in the first place it to make your life into something you LOVE! Since we spend so little time at destinations and so much time getting there, the point is to fall in love with the journey.

I hope that this blog takes off and that tons of women find power, inspiration, life enriching projects, and life changing advice from our page. I want this SO bad, and not because I want to quit my job and be a blogger full time (although that sounds AWESOME). I want this because I want to create something that will show our daughters how to do this thing called life. So that even when they don’t want to talk to us, they know there are a thousand other women out there going through the same thing and THIS is where you can find them. I want them to have somewhere to reference the guiding principles we have tried so hard to instill in them both… because everyone knows what you’re told is not really real unless you can find it on the internet!

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