Fall Candle Holder Craft for You & the Girls – Under $30 TOTAL

Hey DOLLs!

Thanksgiving is almost here. This is the time of year when we break out the candles and candle holders because that warm light and intoxicating smell of cinnamon is how you know that the holidays have finally come. I recently got a few of my girlfriends together to make some beautiful fall candle holders. I got almost everything at the dollar store.

Shopping List in 2 Stops:

Dollar Store:

  • 1 in. Synthetic Paint Brush (1 per person)
  • Glass bowl candle holder (1 per person)
  • Gold Glitter (1 small container) – optional
  • Battery Operated Tea lights (1 per person)

Michael’s (but you might be able to find these at the dollar store too)

  • Modge Podge Glossy Finish (one mini bottle per 3 candle holders) – $2/ea
  • Synthetic Fall Leave Garland (one 6 ft. strand should be enough for everyone) – $5/ea

You already have at home:

  • Flat Iron or Iron and Ironing board
  • Newspaper or cardboard (to cover your table)
  • Dixie cups or small paper bowls

Here’s what you do: (pictures below)

  1. Select the 4-6 smaller leaves from the garland
  1. Peel the leave off the plastic veins so that all you have is the fabric leaf in your hand (you will slip your nail between the base of the leaf where the plastic connects and then peel it back. Once you get it started, you can grab a hold of it any pull and it should come right off.)
  2. Take the hot flat iron or the hot iron and iron out all the leaves until they are very flat and smooth.
  3. Pour some Modge Podge into the dixie cup or paper bowl.
  4. Add glitter (if you want) and stir using your paint brush.
  5. Using the paint brush, paint a coat of the Modge Podge on the inside of the glass bowl about half way up the sides and covering the bottom
  6. Then lay one leaf out on paper or cardboard and paint the Modge Podge onto the leaf so that it is covered with a thin layer.
  7. Peel this leaf up and place it, Modge Podge side down into the glass bowl starting at the bottom. You can put it a little off kilter.
  8. Paint more Modge Podge on top of that leaf using the brush to smooth the leaf into place.
  9. Repeat steps 7-9, layering your leaves slightly and covering the bottom half of the glass.
  10. Then, use the paint brush to paint the  Modge Podge up to the top of the inside of the glass bowl.
  11. Set the bowl aside to dry (about 12 hours)
  12.  Place the candle holder on the mantle (or wherever you put candles), put your tea light in and enjoy!

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