The Joy of Christmas Magic

I get all kinds of reactions from people about the lengths to which I go when creating Christmas magic for my kids, our friends and family; adults included! I get the eye rolls, the “you’re crazy,” or “you’re doing too much” comments. I get the judgy raised eyebrows and shaking heads and the occasional “you really put a lot into this lie”.  What I don’t understand is why…?

I am going to defend the Christmas Magic Makers. Our kids will only be little for so long.  While they believe in Santa and the spirit of Christmas, we should be feeding that. I remember how I felt at Christmas when I was young. I want my kids to feel that way.  While they are young, Santa might do that for them. As they get older, we will continue to progress into other areas and bring magic in different ways, such as through serving others. But for now, we will have FUN!

Check out this video of  the inaugural Brunch with Santa at our house from last year.

I can’t wait to see this year’s video. This event is a ton of work to coordinate, but it is worth every second. The kids faces, the parents, and even Santa gets a little love. Most of all, the kids feel seen and heard when they get something Santa knew they wanted. I will do this event over and over again because this is magic. I feel like a kid again when I see the kids light up!

I think that, as I got to my twenties, that magic faded. As an adult, I sought things out that would bring it back.  I found that the things that made it magic when I was a kid are different now. Doing things for others, serving, that is what brings Christmas magic now.

I know that one day my kids will find out that the elves are just dolls and that mom and dad are really Santa. My hope is that they see how much work and love we put into it making it all feel so special for them. I hope they see how much fun we had and how much fun it made for them. I hope they see how important it is to us to see joy on their faces, because that is what it is all about. My guess is that until they have kids they may not really understand it at this level, but the goal for now is that we make the best, most magical memories of Christmas that they will talk about for the rest of their lives. 

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