Pregnancy Life Savers by Trimester

In honor of the multiple pregnancy announcements around me, I wanted to share a few things that got me through the rough spots of pregnancy!

To those of you who never had morning sickness, acne, sun spots, or who’s body snapped back into shape three weeks later – good for you! For the other 90% of us who feel like a gross monster took over our body, and it took years to feel normal again… here are some tools that helped me along the way!!!

First Trimester:

Baby Center App: The best app out there for your weekly updates on how baby is changing this week!

Smarty Pants Prenatal Vitamins

These taste awesome and you get to eat 6 every day! Yum!!!

Morning Sickness Tea: (I hate ginger so this really helped me)

This is the best tasting one on the market. I have tried them all!

Mama Earth Natural Stretch Oil: You might as well get the 3 pack. You’re going to use this every day for the next year (even after birth). Start this now. Don’t wait until you are itchy. It’s too late then.

This oil has a mild and pleasing scent, great since the smell of all the other ones mace me so sick!

Preggie Pop Drops: Wonder workers for Nausea!

Flavors are great! Easy to keep EVERYWHERE! Discrete.

Second Trimester:

My morning sickness continues through half of the second trimester, so I continued using all the stuff from my first trimester, especially that belly oil! In addition, this is when the clothes get tight…

Pants Extenders: Amazon Prime some of these bad boys to help get you through a couple more weeks

These things are awesome and buy you a little time while you start getting maternity clothes.

Old Navy has the best maternity clothes!

Cute flats: 6pm is the best place I found online, but Ross is a treasure trove for adorable flats!

Gender Reveal Party! Etsy is your one stop shop!

Heartburn: If yours is mild, try Tums. Mine was CRAZY!!! Zantac 150 was my BEST FRIEND. I took it as a preventative measure.

When you feel better: work out again using prenatal yoga on YouTube!

Pregnancy Pillow to help you sleep and support that belly. This is a MUST have. 

Third Trimester:

Keep using all those products as needed from the first two trimesters.

Baby Registry: Amazon is hands down the BEST one!

Maternity Underwear: So comfy! You will need these after delivery too.

Nursing bras: Get the SUPER stretchy ones!

Belly Support Band 

Diffuser for your room with Lavender oil. This will help you sleep… which is difficult at best at this point and will only get harder for the foreseeable future.

There’s another list of products for Trimester 4 but this list should get you a pretty good start to some things to ease the discomfort of pregnancy.

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