Host a Vision Board Party! It’s Not Too Late.

One of the most fun and rewarding things I do to break in a new year is to host a Vision Board Party. This is so great on so many levels. This year, I really stepped up the game but I’ll get into that in a minute. Plus, we’re only a week into the new year. There’s plenty of time to throw one of these awesome parties and set yourself up for a successful 2019! Here’s why you should do it. Then I’ll tell you how… I promise it’s super easy!

There are three main reasons you should host a vision board party.

  1. It forces you to set an intention for the year.
  2. It gives you accountability and support.
  3. It will bring your friendships to a new level of closeness.
  4. It is SOOOOO Fun! (OK, so I lied! There are 4 reasons.) – who doesn’t want to enjoy a glass of wine and daydream with inspirational quotes, puff paint, glitter, and stickers? Much needed too I can assure you!

Setting your intention for the year is so important because without this you can end up just floating through the year without a concrete direction to head. Rather than aiming to hit a bullseye, you are really then just trying to hit the dart board. You might get lucky with one good shot, but doesn’t your life deserve more than that? Doesn’t your life deserve to be set up with a plan and worked for? If you’re doubting the answer to that question, let me help you along. The answer is a resounding YES! You deserve a plan.

Accountability is so important to achieving your goals. There are some people who are well practiced and can hold themselves accountable but if we’re all being honest, there is always some area of our lives that struggles with this even if we are highly accountable to ourselves in other areas. This is why having a vision board party comes into play. Having your closest friends and family there to see what you are trying to accomplish and help you work towards it provides not only that accountability but also the support you need to be able to achieve them. Having other support you means that you will have opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

For an extreme example, last week, I posted that my main goal for 2019 is to launch a successful blog and help as many people as I could while building this new life for myself with a MAJOR emphasis on personal growth. Not 15 minutes later I received three DMs from people on Facebook with wonderful book recommendations, an offer to be connected with a motivational speaker/author, and a request to join a book club full of like-minded women who love to lift each other up. None of that would have happened if I hadn’t publicized my goals. The main thing I learned here that I would love for you to take away from this is that people are so eager to help and support as soon as they know how.

Lastly, the more we learn about our friends, the better we can serve them. And that is a two-lane road. The more you tell them the better they can show up for you. Remember when I said that I really stepped up the game on the boards this year? Here is what I did. Not only did I send links to visualization exercises the week before to get them really thinking about what they want, but I also sealed the deal on them committing to themselves. Once the vision boards were done I asked each person to share what they put on their board. Somewhat nervously they obliged. But then something amazing happened. I asked them how we can show up for them this year and what specifically we can do to help them to achieve their goals. One by one each person shared and gave direction on what support they needed. What builds intimacy in relationships if not being vulnerable with your innermost goals and then serving each other to reach those goals.

Here’s a quick step by step guide for planning your vision board party.

  1. Pick a date and create a Facebook Event for it and invite all the friends you think would be interested.
  2. Give instructions for everyone to bring a couple of magazines that tickle their fancy, it can be anything really. I believe we even ended up with a couple of catalogs and it still worked out great.
  3. Remind people a week before to come with their plan. You can even send a Ted talk or a YouTube video to help get their juices flowing
  4. Hit up Michael’s or your local dollar store for the supplies: poster boards, stickers, magazines, snacks, markers, glue, glitter… whatever floats your boat.
  5. Day of, clean your house, break out the wine, snacks and all that crafty stuff you just got.
  6. Pour the wine, eat the snacks and talk about your goals and what phrases and pictures you are looking for while everyone goes through all the magazines. Pull things out that inspire you, pull things for friends looking for things you’re finding.
  7. Glue all these things that support the visual representation onto your poster boards. Fill them up. Otherwise, it looks all serial killer note-ey. creepy. You want this board to motivate you so make it pretty!
  8. Go around the circle and share your board with the group. Tell each other what you need from them and find those people who will most support you this year.
  9. Go home and hang your board up where you can see it EVERY DAY!
  10. (Optional) Meet back up in a few months and check in.

2019 will going to be an incredible year, even more so if you can set a plan and get support. You’ll be amazed at how much more you will accomplish if you plan it.

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