A Day in the Keto/IF Life

Since my weight loss reveal post this past weekend I have received so many questions about how to do Keto and about what people’s fears are with taking on something like this. I want to address these fears with a little snapshot of what my day looks like.

Intermittent Fasting: I follow a 16:8 fast which means that I fast for 16 hours and then I eat during an 8-hour window. I did this for a couple of months with no other real changes and got used to it before I added in keto. I totally recommend that because doing it all at once might make you feel pretty crappy at first but once you burn through all that stored sugar in your body and start burning your fat stores, you will feel incredible.

Keto: My Keto plan consists of the following breakdown of macro-nutrients. 70% Fat, 25% Protein, 5% Carbohydrates. I use MyFitnessPal to create the plan and play with the foods and portions until similar to this when you click on the pie chart. Notice it isn’t perfect? Sometimes my calories are slightly over or under the 1350 I plan for and sometimes my macros are slightly different.

Routine/Schedule: My fast starts the night before at 7:30 pm.
5 am – Wake up, Weigh Myself, Coffee, Start Today/Gratitude Journal
6 am – 8oz Water (Keep drinking throughout the day. I try for 80 oz.)
8 am – Coffee or Tea (Black, Unsweetened, NO Creamer – I learned to love it!)
11:30 am – 1st Meal (See below for MFP export for actual foods.)
2 pm – Bulletproof Coffee/Tea & Snack (My FAV!)
6 pm – 2nd Meal
7:30 pm – Stop Eating, Start Fast. Water, Black Decaf Coffee or Tea Only)
10:30 pm – Bed (Yeah right, more like 11:30 pm but this is my goal!)

Foods I Eat: This is a sample day. The actual foods and amounts change slightly. What I did to start was create a day that I could eat for a while to get used to living a Ketogenic lifestyle. Then once I was sure I was in ketosis, I started to change up the foods and learned how to order when eating out. Bringing/leaving high fat/no or low carb snacks my your purse/car is a crucial piece of this equation as fat is surprisingly hard to get in in a clean way. I leave pecans, Chomps Sticks, Perfect Keto keto bars, and Wisps in my purse at all times. I also carry Stevia (liquid or packets) because so many places still don’t have it.

Notice it’s not all bacon and butter if you are doing this right. Your body needs so much more than that. I have spinach or kale with every meal. It’s not listed below but I also take a green grass powder supplement almost every day. You can be healthy on keto if you are intentional. Funny how everything comes back to being intentional…

I hope this was helpful for those of you who are fearing what this looks like.
Everyone’s schedule and food profile will look different based on what they like. This is just what has worked for me but I hope to inspire you!

If you are interested, please go check out Thomas Delauer on YouTube!

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