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Space & Time

My life has always been busy. Well, that may be an understatement. Most people closest to me know that my life is packed to the brim with plans, events, work, kids, and just life stuff. My life is fun that's for sure, but something I am learning is that there is an opportunity cost for... Continue Reading →

Be the Change

Be the change you want to see in the world.Mahatma Gandhi Most people don't innately know their purpose; or at least they don't think they do. I believe though that there are things that nag at us, which, given the proper energy would serve great purpose. Lately, I have run into several examples of people... Continue Reading →

Trust Yourself

Learning to trust yourself the hard way... Sometimes the hardest person to trust is ourselves. Not because we are not good or reliable people, but because of fear. Often, when we encounter a problem in our lives, we know how to fix it. Many times the solution is scary so we avoid and throw spaghetti... Continue Reading →

Game Day Recipes

I LOVE parties!!!  I used to love football. Then the Chargers stabbed me in the heart and now they are dead to me. Now, football is about spending time with friends and FOOD! Food is a huge part of what makes most events. The biggest mistake I see when hosts get overwhelmed is they over... Continue Reading →

Lost & Found

I keep wondering if I have done a good job of communicating my purpose behind starting this blog so I wanted to dig in and really share what lit me up for this. The most difficult transition I have ever made in my life was the transition from non-parent to first-time mom. This was the... Continue Reading →

Rocket-Fueled Motivation

There are only about ten more days in January. So there are only ten more days for us to all get dialed in to ensure that we are set up to self propel ourselves through our 2019 goals. This year, I set really big, hard goals for myself and I am busting my a$$ to... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Keto/IF Life

Since my weight loss reveal post this past weekend I have received so many questions about how to do Keto and about what people's fears are with taking on something like this. I want to address these fears with a little snapshot of what my day looks like. Intermittent Fasting: I follow a 16:8 fast... Continue Reading →

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