34 & Made for More – My Birthday Post

It's my birthday!!!! Today marks 34 eventful years on this planet. 2019 is when I change the course of my life... I can feel it in my bones.  Have you ever had the feeling that something pivotal is happening right now? Like you are on the cusp of something really big? Like you're exactly where you're... Continue Reading →


This image sums up how I felt much of the time as a new mom. Can I get an AMEN? Making a mental shift to care for yourself in the midst of the chaos of parenthood is hard! However, for your own sanity and for the benefit of your children (and spouse if you have... Continue Reading →

Our New Blog’s Mission: To Empower You to LOVE Your Life!

Welcome Dolls! This is our VERY FIRST POST ever! EEEKKK!!!! We will be rapidly expanding our topics and posts but for now we invite you to check out the site and get to know us. All of our posts will be structured in such a way to break down the Do it. Own it. Live it. LOVE it principles. We will start with the inspiration for the change or project. Then work through the 4 steps that make us DOLLs!

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